Sing GC

Type of post: Newsletter
Posted By: Jono Albertini
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, 7 Oct 2017
A new super-group of male and female community singers of all ages will form in October when The Blenders and Coastal Charisma host free ‘learn to sing’ a cappella workshops at Griffith University.

Award winning musical director Jonathan Albertini welcomes people of all ages and abilities to 4 weeks of evening workshops to learn to sing a cappella harmonies in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment.  

Starting in October, SingGC evening workshops will be held at the Griffith University Gold Coast Campus in the Health Centre Building G40, the hub for several community singing groups directed by Jonathan Albertini, including Voices in Paradise, Serotonin, The Blenders and Coastal Charisma.