Musical Director


Edward Sarroff was welcomed as Music Director in September 2023. He brings with him a wealth of barbershop chorus knowledge and experience, is a highly skilled director and section leader, and an award-winning member of BHA. Edward is a perfect fit for our chorus and his skills in music pedagogy and music direction were immediately apparent.
Edward is also Bass section leader for the talented Mixed Vocal Project chorus, has won many awards in this industry, and has been instrumental in organising many community and concert events and shows.
Once on board with us, Edward wasted no time in planning Coastal Charisma's musical education and competition journey for 2024 and beyond, and we are certain to enjoy much-improved vocal sound and musical fulfilment as we grow together as a group.
His positive energy and 'always-on' approach is infectious and we look forward to continuing our barbershop journey under his skilled direction.

A talented Musical Leadership team

The Music Director is supported by a talented and dedicated Music Team to ensure the vocal quality of Coastal Charisma reaches a consistently high standard.

Alexa Blonner

Alexa Blonner was welcomed as Interim Music Director in January 2022 to lead us to the Sweet Adeline's Australia Competition in Brisbane being held on 4-7 May 2023. We were extremely grateful for Alexa's illustrious chorus and directorial experience. A member of Voice Weavers, Alexa's chorus experience includes Music Director of Harmony in Paradise Chorus for ten years and founding director of Voice Weavers Choir. During her time as Music Director for Harmony in Paradise, the chorus received numerous awards including Sweet Adeline's placements and Eisteddfod placements and wins resulting in concert invitations. Alexa was also on the SAI Australian National Education Team for 6 years from 1996, and has been a Coach to many choruses.

Kimberley BoothWe celebrate our past Music Directors with gratitude for their contribution and dedication to our chorus. Kimberley Booth was appointed as our Music Director in September 2021 until December 2022 when she left to relocate with her family to Singapore. Bringing joy and positivity to each rehearsal, Kimberley expanded Coastal Charisma's repertoire of modern a cappella and traditional Barbershop songs, which were presented in our “Sister's in Song” showcase performance in July 2022. Kimberly is an accomplished vocalist who has performed in a cappella choirs both large and small for 20 years. She toured professionally with Isabella A Cappella, in Japan, and has performed with the Sydney Philharmonic. She holds a Diploma of Music majoring in Vocal studies, is also the current Remote Choir Director for the Australian Military Wives' Choir.

PAST MUSIC DIRECTORS Jonathan (Jono) Albertini

Jonathan (Jono) Albertini was the first Director of Coastal Charisma, since its formation in 2014. He was instrumental in establishing Coastal Charisma's dynamic repertoire and our annual calendar of community event performances. At the time Jono was also the Music Director of The Blenders, Blenders Youth Chorus, Cornerstone Chorus, Griffith University student group Serotonin, and various school choirs. Jono graduated with a Masters of Music Studies from the Queensland Conservatorium in 2018. He has a talent and passion for Barbershop, harmony choirs, and vocal development. In December 2020, Jono resigned to pursue his career in full-time school teaching after several years of post-graduate studies. He remains the current director of the 8-time Barbershop Harmony Australia gold medallist chorus The Blenders Chorus, and of a newly established young male group Cornerstone.

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