Musical Director - Kim Booth

Kimberley Booth is an accomplished vocalist who has performed in a cappella choirs both large and small for the last 20 years.  Kim has spent the last 15 years directing a variety of children's and adult community choirs in both paid and volunteer capacities.  Kim holds a Diploma of Music majoring in Vocal studies. She is very passionate about choral music and singing, especially a cappella where the harmonies feel just right.  Kim was appointed as the Music Director for Coastal Charisma on 1 September 2021.

Kim is also the current Remote Choir Director for the Australian Military Wives' Choir, directing rehearsals via Zoom for member's who are unable to attend in person, connecting military wives across the nation through song.  

Kimberley has toured professionally with Isabella A Cappella, singing within arm's reach of the Great Buddha in T┼Źdai-ji temple in Nara, Japan. The group also sang daily shows in the acclaimed restaurant of the very famous Iron Chef, Chef Sukai high up in the impossibly tall skyscrapers of Tokyo. She has performed with the Sydney Philharmonic Choir in their young adult choir Vox as well as joining the mass choir with The Sydney Symphony Orchestra and acclaimed artist Katie Noonan to sing The Lord of the Rings soundtrack in 2004.

Kim comes from a highly musical family and can't recall a day without music in her life. She loves a bit of musical theatre and can't resist a good singalong in the car with her young family. 

Jonathan (Jono) Albertini was the first Director of Coastal Charisma since its formation in 2014. Jono proudly added us to his stable of talented a cappella singing groups including "The Blenders", "Blenders Youth Chorus", "Cornerstone Chorus", Griffith University student group "Serotonin” and various school choirs.  

In December 2020, Jono resigned to pursue his career in full-time school teaching after several years of post-graduate studies. He remains the current director of the 8-time Barbershop Harmony Australia gold medalist chorus “The Blenders Chorus” and of a newly established young male group "Cornerstone".

Fun Fact: Jono's mum, Vicki sings with Coastal Charisma.

A talented Musical Leadership team
The Music Director is supported by a marvellous music team who assist weekly to ensure the vocal quality of Coastal Charisma reaches a consistently high standard.

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